Posted on 10 May 2021

Track and trace your shipment, anywhere, any time

Stay up-to-date on every shipment’s status, whenever you want. And invite your customers to see its progress for themselves.

Good supply chain management depends on having reliable, up-to-date information about where your shipments are and when they are expected to reach their destinations. Thanks to Stolt Tank Containers’ Track and Trace, this is easily achieved from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Track and Trace features

Stolt Tank Containers’ Track and Trace shows you and your customers what you need to know, with email alerts if required. 
  • Exact details per tank: 
o date & time of loading, departure, transhipment, etc
  • Timeline status
o any changes to the scheduled ETA are highlighted for easy identification.

Share with your customers

You can save yourself and your customers time by inviting them to view all this information for themselves. Just click the Copy Link button on the Track and Trace page and paste the link into a message. As easy as it gets!

Good to know: the Track and Trace page does not include any potentially sensitive information such as product names, company names, addresses or prices. The details displayed have been agreed in consultation with customers to provide helpful, easy-to-access status updates, without compromising security.

Get email alerts

You can set email alerts for any or all of the following:

Shipment has departed the port
Arrival at the transhipment point
Departure from the transhipment point
Vessel arrived
Shipment delivered

Accessing Track and Trace

Stolt Tank Containers’ Track and Trace can be accessed in two ways:

- From a specific link provided in each shipment’s booking summary email 
- From the Stolt Tank Containers website, by clicking the “Track” button on the top of the page. 

Enjoy the convenience of digital service

Stolt Tank Containers is constantly improving customer experience by making booking, administration and staying up-to-date faster and easier. Our Track and Trace tool is just one of a range of digital tools designed specifically for the bulk liquid shipping industry. If you’d like to find out more about Track and Trace, or any of our other digital enablers, feel free to contact us. Send us an email at

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