Posted on 24 November 2020

Stay on top of your shipment’s progress with Fourkites and ClearMetal

Enjoy end-to-end supply chain visibility that predicts arrival times and possible delays, considering every aspect along your consignment’s journey.

Stolt Tank Containers is always happy to keep you updated on your shipment’s status and ETA. But we only have access to information about our own schedules, vessels and vehicles. There are many other factors along your shipment’s journey which influence its progress, such as delays at ports or yards.

To really stay on top of your shipment, so you can accurately inform all parties awaiting its arrival, you need full visibility of everything happening along the route. Supply chain visibility platforms, such as Fourkites and ClearMetal, provide this information by aggregating tracking information from a wide range of service suppliers, and processing it to predict ETAs and warn of delays. 

Stolt Tank Containers is among the transport suppliers monitored by Fourkites and ClearMetal. These platforms are therefore perfect for obtaining more accurate updates of your shipment’s progress. 

A world of valuable information

The Fourkites and ClearMetal platforms cover complete end-to-end supply routes all around the globe.  Users can view actual traffic flow information and predictions via maps and other presentation options. 

Predictions are arrived at by gathering detailed information from numerous live sources and processing it together with historic trend data via complex algorithms. Because the resulting output takes the complete picture into account, it’s more accurate than can be provided by any individual transport supplier. 

Helps improve workflow for all 

These supply chain visibility platforms give you and everybody involved in your supply process, all the way to the final customer, accurate live information to help them plan their workloads and processes better.

Connect with Stolt Tank Containers

If you are already connected to FourKites or ClearMetal simply send them a request to initiate a connection with Stolt Tank Containers. Alternatively for more information regarding EDI connection with Stolt Tank Containers send us an email to or contact your Stolt Business Representative.


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