Posted on 07 March 2022

Digital integration: faster, more accurate shipment booking and reports

Discover how communications can be automated to save time and improve supply chain management. 

Behind every shipment, there’s a huge amount of communication. From defining transport requirements and load details to reporting tank container location and shipment status, important information needs to be exchanged at many points. 

But transferring instructions and updates via email, fax and phone, which then have to be input into a system or written into a form, always poses a risk of error. It takes a lot of time too. Wouldn’t it be easier if our IT systems could just talk directly to each other? 

A solution that works for everybody

At Stolt Tank Containers, we definitely think so. Which is why we’ve developed various ways to integrate customers’ IT systems with our own. No matter how different they are. 

Our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions enable different IT systems to automatically exchange all the relevant information, in real-time, all the way through the logistics cycle. From placing your booking to issuing notification of your cargo’s arrival at its destination. 

This means you can book shipments and stay fully up-to-date on their status, without the risk of vital information being misheard, misread or mistyped. At the same time, everybody’s workload is reduced and paper is eliminated from the process, thereby easing the burden both on the environment and your storage space.

Improved Supply Chain Management

Digital integration via EDI enables your company to process more shipment status updates than possible via manual handling. And you can make these visible to other authorised users, including customers, directly from your own ERP system. The data you’ll automatically have access to can be used to produce accurate reports and automatically process invoices.

With both you and your customers having faster access to accurate information, your supply chain management capabilities are significantly improved.

Ask us how

EDI is just one of our digital services that makes booking shipments and supply chain management faster, easier, more accurate and cost-efficient. To find out more about implementing EDI or any of our other supply chain solutions, please contact your local sales representative.  


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