Posted on 23 March 2020

Stolt Tank Containers on INTTRA and Infor Nexus networks

To make vessel booking, tracking and supply chain orchestration as simple and convenient as possible, Stolt Tank Containers is available via the INTTRA by E2open (INTTRA) and Infor Nexus networks. When we joined these two global services in June 2019, we became the first Liquid transport container operator  connected to the industry via these widely-used online platforms.

Global tank container connectivity

INTTRA is the shipping industry’s largest neutral network for customers who want to make bookings and track shipments online. Infor Nexus is one of the world’s leading cloud-based networks for multi-enterprise supply chain orchestration, connecting businesses to their entire supply chain—from suppliers and manufacturers to brokers, transporters and banks.

Simplified vessel administration

Stolt Tank Containers’ availability via INTTRA and Infor Nexus gives shipping lines a powerful option for simplifying administration and interaction. Electronic bookings can be placed via INTTRA’s web-based portal and system-to-system integrations. Customers can view bookings, check the status of shipments, get track and trace information and opt to receive booking confirmations electronically.

Those working with multiple suppliers via INTTRA have the added advantage of being able to view information related to all bookings, with Stolt Tank Containers and others, in a single location. Customers whose own systems are connected to INTTRA also benefit from a reduced amount of manual administration, as all updates come directly into their own system. All-in-all, use of INTTRA results in an easier overview and more efficient management. 

Are you already using INTTRA?

Anyone already connected to INTTRA, either directly or via one of its many technology partners, will find Stolt Tank Containers’ inclusion on this platform a welcome convenience. If you’re not yet using INTTRA, we encourage you to consider the benefits. Meanwhile, if you prefer to book Stolt Tank Container shipments via other networks and methods, we continue to offer a broad choice of options to suit differing customer preferences.


Use of INTTRA results in easier overview and more efficient management.

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