Posted on 02 September 2020

Let’s connect for a faster, easier service!

Stolt Tank Containers is improving its range of digital tools, so you can work faster and easier from wherever you need to be.

Changes to the way the world is working mean direct online communication is more important than ever. Here at Stolt Tank Containers, we’re rapidly increasing our range of digital tools. Not just to make remote working easier, but to take speed and efficiency to a new level. 

From requesting quotes and booking your shipment to tracking its progress and issuing invoices, our range of online tools is designed to make your job and your supply chain management simpler than ever before. While leaving less room for error.

See for yourself

Some of our tools, such as Track&Trace, which gives you real-time information on your shipment’s status, are already live. Track&Trace can be instantly accessed from our website, without the need to create a user account. 

Another handy, already-available tool is system integration via third-party platforms such as (but not limited to) INTTRA and Infor Nexus. These enable automation of many administrative tasks, plus the ability to get direct shipment status updates. 

More to come …

Other online tools for simplifying and speeding up administration, tracking and supply chain management processes will be introduced over the coming months. Watch this space!     

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