Posted on 02 March 2020

Expansion and upgrade of Houston Tank Container Storage and Cleaning Depot

Stolt Tank Containers’ depot in Houston, Texas, was upgraded in 2019 to increase storage capacity and facilitate the easier movement, heating, cleaning, servicing and repair of tanks. The availability of extensive tank container storage, cleaning and other services in a single, easily accessible location, means customers can reduce costs for fuel, personnel and chassis rental (as incurred when moving tanks between facilities). 

The US$11 million invested in our Houston depot increased its storage area to 80,000m2 (40% larger than before), with capacity for 3,000 empty and 400 loaded tanks. 

A workshop dedicated to the repair and servicing of high-pressure gas tank containers was also added during the upgrade. 

Thanks to the laying of 12 acres of concrete, the facility also benefits from a smoother ground surface, which means tank containers are far less likely to be damaged when being moved. 

Depot services, safety and heating enhancements

Safety of both people and customers’ goods is naturally a priority at Stolt Tank Containers. The Houston depot upgrade includes installation of new fall protection measures and a facility-wide emergency siren. 

A new automated heating system has raised safety levels even further, as it frees our technicians to focus on safe management of the overall heating process. This system has also improved turnaround times for heating services, as STC Houston now provides the convenience of a single location for product heating and tank container cleaning and repair. All carried out by our team of dedicated, highly trained staff.

A convenient, Tank Container one-stop shop, right where it’s needed

With the Houston metropolitan area accommodating the largest concentration of petrochemical manufacturing in the world, as well as the busiest US port for foreign tonnage, Stolt Tank Containers is proud to be able to offer an unrivalled level of response and support for tank container storage and cleaning. 

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