Posted on 19 July 2021

Stolt Tank Containers remains in industry top 10% for environmental and ethical sustainability.

Since 2014, Stolt Tank Containers has underpinned its commitment to environmental and ethical sustainability through independent monitoring and benchmarking by world-leading sustainability ratings agency EcoVadis.

EcoVadis’ most recent assessment has resulted in a Silver Medal, together with a rating which places Stolt Tank Containers in our industry’s top 10% for sustainability management system quality. 

Their conclusion recognised a series of strengths across our business, including measures taken to reduce energy consumption and waste, adherence to external initiatives on environmental issues and clear reporting on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Attention to detail

Positive factors which contributed to our 82nd percentile ranking (among EcoVadis-rated companies in all industries) included our strong performance in human and employee rights, our membership of the UN Global Compact, the fact we carry out employee satisfaction surveys, safety policies for employees and sub-contractors and regular employee training with regard to health and safety risks. 
Additional strengths highlighted included ethics awareness training, provision of employee health checks and sustainable procurement practices that focus on material issues, with on-site auditing of vendors for performance and social values.

Continued effort

This EcoVadis Silver Medal is positive confirmation of our industry-leading sustainability efforts. But this doesn’t mean we can stop here. Sustainability is an evolving challenge and we will continue to strive to become an even more sustainable business, assisted by the transparency provided via EcoVadis reporting. Among our ongoing improvements, we plan to start providing our own reports on environmental issues and make supporting documents available as part of our processes in the following years.   

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