Posted on 15 December 2021

Stolt Tank Containers has the region’s most extensive and advanced network of logistics facilities

Carrying out the services we offer, to the quality we pledge, requires an extensive network of facilities and partners right across the Asia Pacific region. We’re proud to say our network of strategically located offices, loaded storage, cleaning and repair facilities is more far reaching, diverse and developed than any other tank container company! 

These fully or jointly owned sites, complemented with our partner network of trusted and exclusive agents and are the backbone of our depth and breadth in delivering globally integrated supply chain solutions.  

While this breadth is hugely important, so is alignment with our customers’ needs. As we’ve developed our network over time, we’ve always made sure each integral part delivers efficiency, safety, quality and cost-effectiveness. Consistently and repeatedly at each location and for every service we provide.

Depots across Asia Pacific 

Stolt Tank Containers has six fully-owned cleaning and repair depots in the region. These are located in India (Kandla, Mumbai), Singapore, Taiwan and China (Tianjin, Zhangjiagang). The depot in Zhangjiagang also turns out almost 60 refurbished containers every month, so these can be returned to our fleet in ‘like-new’ condition.  

Along with these, Stolt Tank Containers has joint ventures in seven other depots in South Korea (Busan, Onsan), Japan (Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya) and Thailand (Laem, Chabang). The Thai joint-venture also refurbishes 30 tank containers a month. 

Complementary facilities 

Complementing these depots, Stolt Tank Containers is the only company in the region – and the world – who can call on our Stolt-Nielsen sister companies:  Stolthaven Terminals and Stolt Tankers to jointly meet needs for upsizing, downsizing and supply chain solution-creating activities. Having seamless access to these additional solutions gives us fantastic flexibility for reducing costs via different bulk shipping options.  

Integrated agents

To provide complete coverage across the Asia Pacific region, our team is extended with carefully chosen agents who provide ‘Stolt Service’ in markets where we do not have our own offices. Our relationships are sealed through integrated business interests, such as joint venture investments in cleaning stations and depots, which we back up with systematic support for everything from demand planning and financial management to new service development.

We can thereby proudly assure customers that wherever they see the Stolt Tank Containers name, they’ll be in the hands of people with comprehensive local knowledge who provide cost-effective service to the standards we’ve set.

Healthy partner relationships

Good working conditions are hugely important to us, and this extends to all the partners we work with. We use our SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) applications to develop higher and more consistent levels of safety and welfare throughout our partner network. Doing all we can to maintain good standards through every element of our service.

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