Posted on 20 April 2022

Multimodal transport: flexibility to meet every customer requirement

Stolt Tank Containers helps customers choose the best combination of transport options for speed, cost and environmental factors, for every shipment. 

A tank container’s journey from A to B often involves more than one type of transport. Sea, road, rail and inland waterways all serve different needs and offer different benefits in terms of speed, cost and environmental impact. 

Depending on the start and end points, customers can often choose how to balance these, and Stolt Tank Containers’ experts are happy to help you decide which mix of tank container transport is best for you. 

Flexible and trusted global network

Stolt Tank Containers’ multimodal transport network is set up to allow maximum flexibility. The trusted partnerships we maintain with our transport suppliers, in every region around the world, mean you are guaranteed a consistently high standard of service. Wherever your shipment is travelling and whatever your priorities are.  

When deep-sea crossings are necessary for moving tank containers, there can be different carrier and route options which impact cost and speed. 

Trucks on the road are our second most common mode of tank container transport after sea. As well as being necessary for most first and last mile journeys, road haulage is sometimes the best choice for entire journeys. 

Rail is often used for transport across large land masses as a faster and more environmentally-friendly alternative to road. Due to rail also being faster than sea, it can be used to shorten journey times that involve deep-sea crossings, by moving goods over land to the shortest possible sea route. What’s more, rail can be an effective way of avoiding truck congestion at sea ports. 

Inland waterways

Transport via barge is another example of an environmental friendlier solution compared to trucking transport solutions. To reduce our carbon footprint and that of our customers , we offer this whenever possible within large land-masses where destinations are served by rivers and canals.

 Trusted partnerships

To ensure consistent quality of service and upholding of safety standards, Stolt Tank Containers works with transport partners with whom we’ve forged long-term partnerships. While always being conscious of our customers’ desires for competitive pricing, we do not select transport vendors purely on price. Reliability and receiving good service from our suppliers are top priorities for us, so we can provide the same high quality of service to our customers.

These trusted long-term partnerships also enable us to provide flexibility, as our good relationships with our transport suppliers makes it much easier to tailor solutions to our customers’ needs and solve any challenges that arise.

Regional attention to detail

Securing the very best service and solid regulatory compliance relies upon good local knowledge and communication. Because Stolt Tank Containers has either offices or agents positioned in every region around the world, we have relevant market knowledge on the ground everywhere it’s needed, via people who speak the local language. Ensuring excellent understanding and cooperation between us and our transport suppliers. 

Find out your best shipping options

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