Posted on 21 September 2020

Digital tools are a ground-breaking step forward for the bulk-liquid logistics industry

Francien Verdenius, Product Owner at STC, explains how customers and vendors benefit from our range of digital tools.

As a physical industry, the world of logistics is naturally focussed on how to move products faster, more cost-efficiently and in a more sustainable way. The same goes for us at Stolt Tank Containers. But alongside this, we also believe that faster, more efficient customer service is just as important for business success.

To make this happen, we have developed a range of digital tools which make it quicker and easier for both customers and vendors to make bookings, get real-time information, process administrative tasks and improve supply chain management. From any device, at any time. 

Francien Verdenius, one of our Product Owners at Stolt Tank Containers, explains what these tools offer.  

Customer effort vs customer service

“At Stolt Tank Containers, we want to make your experience of the shipment process as convenient as possible. Digital tools which enable you to book, monitor and manage your shipment online, from any location at any time, give you that convenience. Or at least they should do.

“Although online tools are not entirely new to our industry, many of the offerings up until now have only really been a front-end for existing processes and systems. They’ve effectively been used to get customers to do work which was formerly done by logistics providers’ personnel. And this has led to customer discontent.

“I can see why. Because this approach doesn’t actually improve customer service. It just shifts the workload. If you are really committed to better customer service and vendor relations, you have to create tools which effectively make their jobs easier. Not which only serve your own purposes. So, to ensure we got it right at Stolt Tank Containers, we asked our customers and vendors what they needed, then set about building tools that really benefit them.  

Bringing the logistics industry up to speed

“Fast communication, access to real-time information and automated administration is now the norm in many industries. So it wasn’t much of a surprise to learn that this is what our industry wanted too. Even simple things like getting an immediate booking confirmation, instead of having to wait days, had largely not yet been achieved. 

“Through engaging with customers and vendors and actioning their feedback, we’ve developed a suite of online tools which we believe will revolutionise customer service in the bulk-liquid logistics industry.

Built for you

“It’s been really rewarding to work on products which truly benefit our customers and vendors. It makes me so happy to see the tools we’ve developed being used, over and over again, because this means we have created something that’s genuinely useful. I’m always open to feedback and suggestions about how we can improve our online services even further. If you have anything you’d like to share, please email your thoughts to”


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