Posted on 30 August 2022

Going above and beyond to help facilitate a client’s business continuity

In August 2022, Stolt Tank Containers received a special award from our client, Solvay, for providing exceptional service which helped facilitate business continuity during recent COVID lockdowns in China. 

When regional lockdowns disrupted the operations of China’s eastern sea ports and immobilised local truck drivers, Solvay’s usual supply and transport routes became unavailable. Stolt Tank Containers stepped into the void by providing special trucking services to deliver raw materials to Solvay’s production plant and ship finished products out to customers.

This enabled Solvay to keep its production running, and continue supplying customers, throughout a period when the lack of transport would have otherwise forced operations to pause. 

Unique solution-oriented service

In recognition of Stolt Tank Containers’ fast reaction in providing alternative transport solutions, Solvay delivered its own award for exceptional service to our Shanghai office on 3 August, where it was proudly accepted on behalf of all the operations personnel by Gu Jing, who has overall responsibility for the Solvay account.

Stolt Tank Containers has been serving Solvay in China since 2015, providing various logistics solutions for their surfactant business both within the country and globally.


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