Posted on 08 November 2021

Proud to serve the world

 Stolt Tank Containers President, Mike Kramer, talks about the attributes that drive our industry-leading service.

An interesting fact that perhaps only our Scandinavian customers would know, until now, is that Stolt actually means “proud” in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. So it’s a happy coincidence that this is also our company founder’s name, because everyone who works here takes great pride in what they do! 

Our dynamic market is constantly presenting new challenges. But our proud teams rise to them every single time. Whether that means working out optimal routes for every shipment, even when plan A is no longer possible, or developing industry-leading digital customer service tools which truly ease our customers’ workloads. And, of course, seeking the most sustainable solutions. 

A determined, customer-centric workforce

Having the right people, who share our values and determination to succeed on behalf of our customers, is essential. We recruit carefully and take good care of every single employee, whether working hands-on in a depot or behind a desk in an office, by providing training, career progression opportunities and good, safe working conditions. 

As a result, we’re proud to have the best people in the industry, all around the world! People who are fully involved in developing the improvements which will drive us, and our customers’ businesses, forward into the future. 

Expertise in every region

Taking pride in our global operation means tailoring our facilities, expertise and human resources to meet different regions’ needs. Our business is therefore divided into four regions – Asia, Europe, Americas and Middle East – each of which is supported by its own network of offices and long-term agents. 

Of course our customers’ needs are not just geographical. They also depend on what products are being shipped. Within each region, our business is therefore also divided into two specialist segments – chemicals and food grade – so we’re fully geared up to deal with whatever regulations, customer demands, operational conditions and local logistical challenges we encounter. 

Global teamwork

Being proud drives our quest for excellence. But outstanding teamwork is key to success. We’ve developed an environment in which people can easily work together and share information, knowledge, experience and ideas right across our regions and businesses. The result: seamless and sustainable solutions for every single customer, no matter how big or small their operation. 

Perseverance in a changing world 

If there’s one thing for certain in our business, it’s that our world is constantly changing and presenting new challenges to global supply chains. This means things don’t always go as planned. But at Stolt Tank Containers, we rise to these challenges by persevering as a team, determinedly putting all our experience and knowledge to work to ensure our customers get the best possible outcomes.  
We take pride in turning every challenge into an opportunity to improve. Using our unique combination of pride, expertise, teamwork and perseverance to be the fastest, most reliable and flexible company in our industry. All together, We are Stolt!
Mike Kramer

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