Posted on 05 October 2020

Meet Doreen, Accountant at Stolt Tank Containers

Doreen Bintu is a shining example of how Stolt Tank Containers’ support of employee development results in a happy workforce and great business relationships.

Doreen Bintu works in Accounting & Finance at Stolt Tank Containers’ Rotterdam headquarters. She arrived in this position via a mix of professional experience in other companies and Stolt Tank Containers’ policy of supporting employee development.

From admiring supplier to enthusiastic employee

Doreen’s story starts in 2017 when she was working for a Rotterdam-based transport company which was and still is a supplier to Stolt Tank Containers. The frequent communications she had with STC employees while in that role left a very positive impression: “My colleagues and I really liked dealing with Stolt as a customer. Their employees were pleasant to have on the phone, and we always enjoyed working with them. This was where I first became interested in working for STC myself.”

But it was a long time before Doreen actually arrived here. After leaving the transport company, she moved to London for four years to work in a financial firm. It was upon her return to Rotterdam in March 2018 that she successfully applied for the position of Operations Coordinator at STC. 

Professional development

“Two years after joining Stolt Tank Containers, an internal vacancy arose in the Accounting & Finance department. Having exercised my experience from the transport company via my Operations Coordinator role, this was an opportunity to put my experience from the financial firm in London to use. My manager at the time fully supported my application. So here I am now, as an Accountant!”

Enjoyable workplace creates added value

Now at Stolt Tank Containers for 2½ years, Doreen remains as enthusiastic about the company as ever: “STC properly values its people. We can work flexible hours, which is great for work-life balance. I love the diversity of our workforce, which is made up of around 14 different nationalities. Everyone feels included, regardless of their background. The atmosphere on the work floor is amazing and we have so much fun, the days go by really fast.

“We have great teams who are committed and passionate about what they do, who build good relationships with customers. I know because I experienced it from the other side! This is why I am proud to be part of STC, because we don’t just get our customers’ products from A to B, we also provide plenty of added value through our high-quality services.”

From strength to strength

Doreen’s internal move from Operations Coordinator to Accountant perfectly demonstrates Stolt Tank Containers’ commitment to enabling employees to grow, both personally and professionally. The ability to switch departments and experience different aspects of the company’s operation creates cross-departmental expertise, which in turn boosts inter-departmental understanding and coordination. Even more importantly, it’s great for employee morale, as everyone has opportunities to develop.

In Doreen’s words: “I found it very easy to settle in at STC. I love the people and the company culture, and I see myself working here a long time yet to come. Being able to move departments has broadened my knowledge within the business. After just two years in the company I was given the opportunity to grow, thanks to leaders who supported me and believed in me. STC really is a great place to work!”


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