Posted on 22 November 2021

Laurent Grandjean, Director of Stolt Tank Containers Europe, on the company’s continued success in overcoming industry challenges.

Stolt Tank Containers Europe covers the EEC, UK, Russia, FSU (former Soviet Union countries) and all countries around the Mediterranean. Our five offices in the region manage a total of more than 3,000 laden shipments a month. 

Laurent Grandjean, Director of Stolt Tank Containers Europe since 2014, has presided over a period of continual growth and improvements. Progress which even the COVID-19 pandemic did not halt. “Thanks to the fantastic digitalisation journey we embarked upon in 2014, we were able to successfully manage this unprecedented situation.” 

Motivated by challenge

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And this has proven to be the case for Stolt Tank Containers Europe.

Laurent: “COVID turned the world upside down and caused a drastic deterioration of the service we receive from the container shipping industry. Despite this, we’ve continued to break our own records for the number of shipments completed each month and given our customers every reason to maintain their trust in us to serve their needs. I am proud to say, this is all thanks to the fantastic team that I, and my peers around the world, have the privilege of leading. 

“Europe is a mature market for logistics, where long-established chemical companies have high expectations in terms of safety and quality of services, which are mandated via ever-increasing and tightening regulations. This gives both us and our customers a lot to deal with. But it also drives us to continually seek out better combinations of flexible, intermodal solutions that maintain the very highest safety standards.”

Supporting customers’ business by bringing facilities and partners together

Staying on top in a mature market means delivering value beyond your own capabilities. Laurent is justifiably proud of the deep and very solid relationships Stolt Tank Containers has with its partners, such as agents, hauliers, depots and cleaning stations. “It’s these quality relationships which make it possible to complete the logistics jigsaw and deliver on our promises.” 

He also highlights the investments Stolt has made in infrastructure, such as in Moerdijk (Netherlands), Grangemouth (UK) and Vado Ligure (Italy). “These demonstrate our company’s strategy to support client businesses by providing a network of multi-service stations offering high-quality cleaning, M&R and heating services.” 

People are always the key

For all the advanced technology and capabilities, Laurent’s biggest sense of pride always comes back to people. “It always makes me happy to see our young talents striving to deliver superior service to our clients, and positioning themselves as future leaders of our company. We are developing the best digital platform in the industry, but never forget that it’s people who ultimately solve logistics problems.”

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