Posted on 14 April 2020

Continuity in a COVID-19 world: a message from Mike Kramer, President of Stolt Tank Containers

First, I’d like to wish you and your loved ones well. COVID-19 is indiscriminate in its damage and I am aware you may be personally impacted.

From a business perspective, the pandemic is causing companies around the world to re-consider how they operate. There will be survivors. There will even be winners. Sadly, there will also be those that don’t make it through. 


Even though every company and every individual will undergo some lasting change, globalized business will continue. However, the vulnerabilities highlighted by the outbreak will cause those who need to transport goods around the world to look more closely at networks, cargo flows, plant locations, future supply points, inventory safety stock and supply chains.

Here at Stolt Tank Containers, we have implemented updated Business Continuity Plans to protect our people and our business. While China is reopening, our employees in other countries are working from home, doing an excellent job in meeting the global demand for tank containers.

Customer’s plants and food distillers continue to produce products such as alcohols that are used in sanitation, and they must reach final destinations, or they will have longer term impact to many companies and employees.

Enhanced self-service options

Enhanced ability to communicate and share information online is key. To support this, we have expanded the self-service options on  so you can manage shipments, get quotes, track cargo, make bookings and download supply chain information whenever and wherever you need to. We are also able to quickly integrate with customers and vendors via EDI or through industry portals to streamline activities. Vendors can link with us through our Supplier Portal  to process bookings, invoices and other activities.

To digitally connect, please contact us at:

On behalf of all Stolt Tank Container employees, I wish you all the best for getting through the COVID-19 crisis.

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