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Stolt Tank Containers’ global network includes 21 tank container depots and/or cleaning stations strategically located in key markets worldwide.

All of STC’s depots and cleaning stations comply with local government regulations, with health, safety and wastewater management as key priorities. Our expanding network of tank container depots and cleaning stations operates with local joint venture partners to provide “one-stop-shopping” services to its customers. STC’s global network of depots and cleaning stations provides its customers with cost-effective and environmentally responsible services that meet their business needs. Customers that own their tanks can take advantage of STC’s cleaning, storage, refurbishing, testing, maintenance and repair services at any of the company’s state-of-the-art depots worldwide.

The Houston Stolt-Nielsen USA Inc depot  has the capacity to store 3,000 empty and 400 loaded tanks, offering customers a one-stop-shop for loading, storage, heating, cleaning and repairs. 

The Houston metropolitan area comprises the largest concentration of petrochemical manufacturing in the world as well as the busiest US port for foreign tonnage. STC’s strategic advantage of an inhouse depot in Houston provides a level of response and support for customers that is unparalleled in the industry. 

STC Houston offers customers the convenience of one location where our team of dedicated, highly trained staff can heat products, clean and repair tanks. Having these services available in one, accessible central point can help customers reduce costs related to additional movement by road and chassis rental.

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STC Houston depot

Products and services include

Tank cleaning

Cleaning workshop - 9 bays

Kosher certified

Gas tank workshop

Auto cargo heating

30 bays

Thermal oxidizer & boilers

NBIC “R” stamp certified for repair & alterations to pressure vessel

Repair workshop

38 bays

Major repair, modification & refurbishment

Laden tank storage

400 tanks

Nitrogen purging/ blanketing

Dry air purging 

Stolt-Nielsen USA Inc depot

Stolt-Nielsen USA Inc.


16300 Dezavala, Building 3, Channelview, Texas 77530

United States

Tel: +1 281 8606302

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