Stolt Container Terminal Moerdijk B.V.

Stolt Tank Containers’ global network includes 21 tank container depots and/or cleaning stations strategically located in key markets worldwide.

All of STC’s depots and cleaning stations comply with local government regulations, with health, safety and wastewater management as key priorities. Our expanding network of tank container depots and cleaning stations operates with local joint venture partners to provide “one-stop-shopping” services to its customers.

STC’s global network of depots and cleaning stations provides its customers with cost-effective and environmentally responsible services that meet their business needs. Customers that own their tanks can take advantage of STC’s cleaning, storage, refurbishing, testing, maintenance and repair services at any of the company’s state-of-the-art depots worldwide.

Centrally located between Rotterdam and Antwerp, Stolt Container Terminal Moerdijk B.V. in the Netherlands provides one-stop services through its high-end facilities and instant connection to Stolthaven Moerdijk. We offer customers a complete solution for cleaning, heating and repair needs, amongst other services, all in one streamlined facility.

The integrated Quality & Safety management system has been assessed against SQAS Attestation (Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability) Tank Cleaning requirements with one of the highest scores in Europe at 95%! With this result, Moerdijk depot has become part of the best 10% of Europe’s tank cleaning stations.

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Tank containers storage at Stolt Tank Containers depot

Products and services include

Tank cleaning

Cleaning bays – 10 chemical lanes/ 5 dedicated food lanes

2 container bays & 2 recirculation bays for latex
& resin cleaning

Empty/ laden forklift & terminal truck

Water treatment plant/ aqua storage tank

Weigh bridge

DG and Non-DG Storage

Capacity for 400 x laden isotanks

Grounded laden tank storage

In-service & major repair workshop

Cargo heating

23 bays (steam/ electric/ hotwater) & cargo transfer

Compressors/ receivers & boiler

Nitrogen purging/ blanketing

Drumming & warehousing

Stolt Tank Containers Moerdijk depot building

Stolt Container Terminal Moerdijk B.V.


Middenweg 30, 4782 PM Moerdijk

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 168 200 006

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